Offline marking

On the whole, broadband connectivity is something that is taken for granted and bar the odd occasion when it goes down most never consider a time when it won’t be available. However, for those people who live in rural areas or still have dial-up connections Broadband connectivity is fleeting or non-existent. This makes online marking difficult or impossible. As with a lot of technological terms, online marking has on occasion come to represent electronic marking. Nevertheless, marking online is not the only way students’ work can be corrected electronically. There are offline electronic options for those that have Broadband issues. In the interview below Laura Hollinshead discusses with Charlie Davis what offline marking is and how to do it.

2 thoughts on “Offline marking

  1. Interesting, is this an alternative to e-submission that all markers at level 4 are currently involved with? It seems relatively simple, less dependent on technology and as I understand turnitin could still be used by students with drafts independently.

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