Curating Social Media for Students

Are you already engaged with the bewildering array of information provided by social media?
If you are then you might be interested in a new set of tools for Social Media Curation. Whether it be tweets, blogs, Facebook updates, Google+ posts or other interesting content from the web these tools allow you to collect this in one place and then convert into into an attractive interface for others to view. Some of the tools generate the content from the feeds that you have already set up ( uses the people you follow on Twitter) whilst others require you to actively seek articles that you want to share with others. These can be added through useful buttons which you can add to your browser (especially in Chrome), so whenever you find an article, click the button add a few details and it is added to your collection without you having to visit the tools website.

So how could these tools be used with students?
The internet is full of information and finding the most useful sources for your study can be difficult. What if there was someone with a bit of insider knowledge who could point you to relevant articles, organisations and people who publish on the subject or industry you are interested in? This is where you as the tutor could create a page where all the relevant social media that you already access comes together to be shared with your students. The student can read the content that you provide as well as think about how they could use this tool to collect together their own content. You can create more than one collection theming them so that students only need to access the topic most relevant to them.

Here are some examples of the different tools which can be used for creating social media.

Paper-li – Linked to Twitter this tool curates your twitter feed into a newspaper presentation. Published daily it can then be shared with others through an automated message posted on Twitter.

Scoop-it – Working more like a social bookmarking tool you create a theme and then find articles, blog posts, tweets, facebook updates, Google+ posts which you want to collect together in this area. Other viewers can the view this collection by going to your web address. You can also add a tool to your browser which makes it easier to add articles.

Pinterest – One of the tools that has recently gained in popularity is Pinterest. Reported as the no.3 social network tool in the U.S this works like a virtual pinboard. Unlike the other tools you have to request an account as the site is popular but still run by a small company. The infographic below helps to explain how Pinterest and other social media content creation tools can be used in education.

16 Ways Educators Use Pinterest

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