Innovating Pedagogy – New Report from the Open University

sun riseEvery year the New Media Consortium release their Horizon report focusing on emerging technologies for Higher Education. In contrast to this the Open University have produced a document focusing on Innovating Pedagogy bringing the focus back on to learning and teaching and away from the technology itself. It mentions some of the themes covered in this blog like MOOC’s and badges for learning explaining how influential these pedagogies will be and predicting when they are likely to become part of mainstream teaching practice. So here it is Innovating Pedagogy July 2012.

One thought on “Innovating Pedagogy – New Report from the Open University

  1. I would also add to the Open University’s findings the following HEA recommendation:

    “There should be a move away from students as audience to individual academics’ research towards students becoming stakeholders in a research community in which their experience of research mirrors that of their lecturers.”

    In other words, students adopt professional research methodologies; and, perhaps, participate in professional research.

    Here’s more exploration of that idea: research in teaching and learning:

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