Updating your Course Resources Test

For many people it is time to start updating your tests delivered through Course Resources (Blackboard).  Anyone that requires assistance or guidance should contact Ian Hallsworth (I.Hallsworth@derby.ac.uk) in LSR as soon as possible. However, one of the benefits of delivering tests through Course Resources is that they are very easy to update yourself.  You can do this by following the brief steps outlined below:

Where are the tests?

You might already have copied your test over from last year, at the same time as other learning materials.

  • Go to this year’s module in Course Resources.
  • Find the Control Panel in the lower-left (underneath the module menu)
  • Click on the section to expand Module Tools
  • Click on the link for Test, Surveys, and Pools
  • In the new page that loads, click on the link for Tests
  • If nothing is listed, then see the section for Copying a test from last year’s module


Whenever you want to edit something in Course Resources, you need to look for the context menu buttons: imag eof context button

If you move the mouse pointer over the name of a test, or the title of a question, then you will see one of these buttons appear.  If you click on it, then you will see a menu, and be able to choose the Edit option:

image showing context menuIf you want to edit the text for questions and/or answers, then it should be quite straight forward.  When you edit a question you will be given a form to complete.  Just look for the text that you want to change, type away, and then click on the submit button at either the top or bottom of the page.

Some types of question are spread over several pages.  Just keep clicking on the Submit button to move through them.

Copying a test from last year’s module

An easy method to ensure that everything that you need is copied over, is to use the Module Copy option.  If you can’t remember if you have already copied your tests to the new module, then see the section Finding your test first.

  • Go to the module in Course Resources that has the test that you want to copy.
  • Find the Control Panel in the lower-left (underneath the module menu)
  • Click on the section to expand Packages and Utilities
  • Click on the Module Copy link
  • Firstly, click on the Browse button to find the module that you want to copy to.

Image showing the browse button

  • Next, choose the Tests, Surveys, and Pools option near the bottom of the list, and click on the submit button.

image showing location of tests, surveys, and pools option

There could be a delay of a few hours while the tests are copied over, but you should receive an email once it has completed.

More information

If you want to add questions, then there is an online guide here:

Guidance on making a summative test available for students is available here: http://www.derby.ac.uk/lei/tel/assessing-students/computer-assisted-assessments/user-guides/deploying-summative-test

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