Blackboard Mobile App Launches

Blackboard mobile app devices

The Blackboard Mobile application (Blackboard app) can provide a flexible way of accessing Course Resources (Blackboard) on any internet connected mobile device. Tutors can communicate module updates, and students can access programme/module information on the go.

However, it should be made clear to students that while there are Blackboard apps available for a range of mobile devices, the app cannot be used to replace a PC or Mac. A small percentage of course content will not be available through the app.

It should also be noted that the app is not recommended as a way for academics to create or add content. Although it is possible, in a limited way, you will probably find it far more frustrating than useful.

Where do I to get the app?

The app is available on the following platforms:

What is available on all platforms (Android, Apple, Blackberry)?

The main functions provided by the app are:

  • App Dashboard (provides an overview of all recent changes in modules that you are attached to)
  • Announcements
  • Discussion board*
  • Blogs*
  • Journals*
  • Tasks^

* Adding and viewing posts/ option to comment
^ change status of tasks

What content can I access on all platforms in an app or a browser?

There are some types of content that the app will not be able to display itself. The Blackboard Mobile app will allow you to find and download the items listed below, but you will need to have another app installed to actually view them.

Your mobile device may already have something suitable installed (e.g. a web browser such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari etc, or media player), although the quality will vary between apps and devices.

  • PDF in app
  • Word document in app
  • PowerPoint in app
  • Excel In app
  • MP4 Video in app
  • JPEG, GIF and PNG image (image formats) in app or browser depending on platform
  • Web links in browser
  • Web package (Wimba) in browser

What to avoid?

There are some things that the app is not suitable for. Either it simply does not work, or it is strongly recommended against due to the poor experience that students would have. In these instances access Course Resources using PC/Mac.

  • Electronic Submission (students should not use the app to submit their work)
  • Summative On Line Tests (students should not attempt a test from a mobile device if the score contributes to their overall mark)
  • Uploading a file (do not attempt to add course content from a mobile device)
  • Reading lists and library resources
  • Some image and video formats (BMP + WMV)

Further information

Not all of the information on the American site applies to the University of Derby. For example there is no charge to our students for using the app.

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