Top Tips: Social Bookmarking

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Image from: Beth Kanter shared under CC BY 2.

Social bookmarking tools provide a useful way to collect and organise online resources. There are a number of different social bookmarking services available, including Delicious, Diigo, Mendeley, Zotero and many others. They all work in a similar way although some services have particular features which add to their appeal. For instance Diigo allows you to annotate your bookmarked pages and Mendeley allows you to export a reference list.

  1. Tag – Add keywords/phrases using tags to help you find a bookmark and organise it with others on the same topic.
  2. Search – Search other peoples bookmarks to see if they have marked anything you have not seen.
  3. Share – Share your bookmark via email, Twitter or by using the same tag as other people.
  4. Browser Add-ons – Many of the social bookmarking services have a tool which you can add to your internet browser to make it easier to add bookmarks.
  5. Groups – Create a group and invite people with common interests to join, so you can share bookmarks with each other.
  6. Follow – Follow other users of the service who have similar interests to you. They may bookmark resources you would be interested in too.
  7. Read Later – Some of the tools allow you to mark a bookmark as something to read later. This provides a nice collection of resources that you can go back to when you have more time.
  8. Annotate – Some services may also allow you to annotate the pages that you bookmark. This can help when taking notes and highlighting which sections are of particular interest.
  9. Mobile App – Many of the services offer a mobile version allowing you to go back and look at some of the links that you have added whilst you are on the move.
  10. References – Some social bookmarking tools allow you to export a bibliography or reference list. This can make it quicker for you to add references for assignments.

If you want to get a better understanding of how social bookmarking tools work, take a look at this video from Common Craft called Social Bookmarking in Plain English.

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