10 top tips for using your own devices to support personal learning activities

A proliferation of media devices now exist which provide us with the potential to create,Swiss army knife curate and share resources in a wide range of formats. For a while now, some people have been using laptops, phones, MP3 devices and tablets to support their learning activities across a variety of settings. Below is a brief outline of the different ways in which personal technologies might be put to use as part of individuals’ learning experiences. These examples are based on my own uses and those of others in the Learning Technology Team. I have provided links, where possible, to the technologies mentioned.

1. Using the camera
Photographing diagrams, extracts of texts, different stages in a design process, complex calculations and a variety of documents.

2. Using audio apps
Recording personal reflections, random thoughts, discussions with tutors, discussions with peers and creating podcasts.

3. Using video apps
Recording video diaries, brainstorming activities, different stages in a design process and creating digital stories.

4. Taking notes
Using software like Diigo and/or Evernote to take notes and archive them for future use.

5. Having real-time text conversations
Using apps such as What’s App, iPhone/iPad Messaging and/or Skype to have discussions with other people.

6. Having real-time audio and/or video conversations
Using apps such as Skype and Face Time (iPhone and iPad) to have discussions with other people.

7. Bookmarking
Archiving, curating and sharing work with peers using applications like Diigo and Evernote.

8. Managing academic references
Bookmarking, curating and sharing academic resources using applications such as Mendeley, Zotero and ZotPad (iPhone and iPad).

9. Annotating PDFs
Annotating and making notes on PDFs using applications such as  Foxit Reader, Skitch and iAnnotate.

10. Managing and sharing resources
Applications such as Dropbox and Google Drive can be used to access, manage and share a wide range of resources.

If you use any of the applications above and/or different ones, please let us know how.

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