Accessibility Series: Guidelines for making images accessible


Image from: puzzlemepuzzle shared under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

This post looks at guidelines for making images more accessible to students.

These are some general guidelines that can be used for any resource which contains images. It makes images more accessible for all students.

  • —Ensure that an alternative explanation of an image/diagram/chart/graph is provided and is appropriate (this could be text or audio). This is not important for purely decorative images but is essential for images which convey information.
  • —Flow charts and diagrams can help to explain procedures.
  • —Charts and graphs should avoid the use of green, red or pink as this can be hard to distinguish from other colours for colour blind individuals.
  • —Consistent graphics can help locate information within a long document or presentation.
  • —Avoid text within an image. If it is used always provide an alternative explanation in the main text.

Further information on making images accessible can be found at WebAIM and UKAAF.

The next post will look at guidelines for making audio accessible.

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