TEL me more – March

Thanks to all who attended our first TEL me more session, held on 25th March 2015, making it a great success.  We had three interesting talks from:
CharlesPromoting student creativity in group video assignments
Charles Hancock, College of Business

Charles introduced his video assignment, where students could choose the technology they used to create a group video presentation, which replaced a previous assessment of student face-to-face presentations.

Charles outlined the benefits of the project, which he had been running for three years, as:

  • Encouraging student creativity
  • Building up a good skill set for students
  • Tangible product students’ can take away with them
  • Engaging for students
  • Fun for staff and students involved

He emphasised how much it had improved student engagement for his module.

MattEngaging student discussions through technology
Matt Edinger, College of Education

Matt outlined his scenario as students’ not engaging and interacting in classroom discussions about pre-lecture readings. His solution was to set up discussion boards, which counted towards 20% of their final grade for a core module.
The students were set reading tasks, and deadlines by which discussions should take place online, in advance of the next lecture.
Students were provided with rubrics and guidelines, helping them engage in valuable discussions around the current weeks readings.
Matt went on to describe how he used Blackboard’s performance dashboard tools to monitor student engagement and interactions, and was able to help and encourage students that were struggling to participate. This was particularly important in the early weeks of the module to ensure students were confident with the tasks they had been set.

AnnFlexible Feedback
Ann Draycott, College of Arts

Ann presented a wide range of technology that had been used in her Introduction to fashion and Technical fashion modules to aid students. This included demonstration videos for the tools that students were required to use as part of their module, but went on to describe how Panopto had been used to provide and record feedback for the practical work students were completing in class. The personal one-to-one student/staff discussions were captured by Panopto, to enable to student to review and reflect on feedback received once outside the classroom environment.
Panopto was further used to enable the students to provide peer feedback on each other’s work, as well as summative assignment feedback being presented to students as well. This helped Ann to identify specific areas of practice on the student’s designs, and zoom in when needing to draw attention to certain examples. Student’s were also required to keep a personal blog, using the Blackboard personal blog tool, to reflect on feedback they had received and review how they intended to act on it for their next piece of work.

All three presentations were very well received by attendees, further information about the
image5 presentations will be made available via the Ideas Factory or in the TEL me more space in Course Resources

Our next TEL me more session will be held on Wednesday 29th April 12:15-13:15 in KR B110. If you would like to present, please complete the following form or email Everyone is welcome, so please do come along with a colleague (coffee and biscuits will be provided).

As always if you have anything you want to talk about let us know via

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