TEL me more about… the Performance Dashboard

Performance Dashboard

At the March TEL Me More event, we heard Matt Edinger mentioned the Performance Dashboard tool in Course Resources, so we thought we’d provide a bit more of an overview of how this tool can be used and why it might be of use to you.

The Performance Dashboard provides a summary of information on all types of user activity in your module; including students, external examiners and tutors. This can be used to monitor interactions with discussion boards, progression through adaptive release segments of the module or just when they last accessed the module.

To use the Performance Dashboard:

  • Navigate to your module
  • Under Control Panel, click on Evaluation and select Performance Dashboard
Performance Dashboard

Image taken from Blackboard’s help pages


The information provided by the Performance Dashboard can be ordered by any of the headings above (with the exception of view grades), enabling you to view students alphabetically by surname or first name, the most or least frequent poster to discussion boards, or days since last accessing the module etc.

This summary of information can be useful as part of monitoring student engagement, especially if discussion boards are a key part of an assessment (which we saw in Matt Edinger’s talk at the last TEL Me More event). Performance Dashboard would allow you to quickly check if a student has engaged with the assignment/discussion boards.

This tool becomes even more useful when adaptive release and review status is built into your module, as this would allow you to track the student’s progression through the course.

Blackboard’s own help pages provide more information on how to use the tool:
Performance Dashboard help pages

If you’re interested in using this tool and would like to explore it further, then contact your Learning Technology Adviser on

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The next TEL Me More event will be on 29th April 2015, 12.15-1.15 B110.

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