TEL Me More – June

June saw our final TEL Me More session for this academic year, and we’d like to thank all the staff that have participated; both as presenters and viewers. Sessions will start up again in September, but moving to the first Wednesday of the month. We hope to continue seeing more new faces as well as the regular faces to help build up your community of good practice.

For June’s TEL Me More we had 2 very different sessions, but both looking at student engagement. Ovidiu Bagdasar talked about how he encourages student engagement by sharing how much work other students are putting in and what benefits this can have on their results. Adam Spence talked about how he tried to engage his students outside the classroom using social media tools.

Two-way feedback for improved student engagement
Ovidiu Bagdasar, Department of Computing and Mathematics

UntitledOvidiu wanted to address the problem of his student’s not understanding when they were receiving feedback. As part of his computational mathematics module, students were given regular online tests which were available through Course Resources, which students could work through in their own time. Using the statistics tracking tool within Course Resources, along with results of the student’s tests, he was able to provide a few minutes of contextual feedback at the start of each lecture. As part of the feedback, he would let the student’s know how many of the tests the class had worked through, and what proportion of students had completed specific tests, how many attempts they’d had and the overall scores (anonymised). feedbackHe would also match this up with the statistics tracking in his module to show how much time students were spending in Course Resources and engaging with the material he provided. His aim was to show students that if they did engage with the material he provided and spent time completing the tests, their scores could improve.

Adam Spence
ICT teacher at Kirk Hallam, and MEd student at University of Derby


Adam is currently working on his MSc dissertation, looking at the engagement of students outside the classroom, and was particularly interested in the use of Twitter to try and encourage students to continue discussing and working on revision topics in their independent study time.
Adam set his students exam questions to work through, with associated tasks that they would need to engage with outside of the classroom using their twitter accounts. The students would also use the accounts to collect information to support their revision and preparation for the exams, so that they could share it with each other and begin to create an online community.

Thank you to all who have attended the TEL me more sessions over the year. We are looking to start them up again from September on the first Wednesday of every month. Please let us know what you think about the sessions so far and whether there is anything you can suggest that might increase attendance as we want to make these sessions as useful as possible to all that attend.


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