Tel Me More about … monitoring activity in Course Resources

In the June TEL Me More session, Ovidiu talked to us about how he was using the various statistics tracking tools in Course Resources to keep track of how his students were progressing through the weekly online tests. The students were allowed multiple attempts of the tests, and by using the Blackboard tests random blocks, they were presented with a different set of questions for each attempt. He also used this information to demonstrate to his students that increased engagement with the support material and tests helped them to achieve better scores.

Ovidiu makes use of tools available within Course Resources, including the Grade Centre, Tests and Module Reports.

The Grade Centre enables staff last accessto see when their students last accessed that particular module,  this can be useful for a quick overview of whether students have accessed new content for that week.

attemptsThe individual columns for tests can be set to show the highest grade as default (other options such as average, or lowest grade can also be selected). Using the menu options on an individual students scores, staff can also check how many attempts that student has had, and what score they achieved. They can also look at the individual attempts to see which questions the students had been presented with, and what answers were given.

statisticsA range of options are available through the column heading menu, including accessing the attempts statistics for all students. This enables you to quickly check if students have attempted the test more than once and what score they achieved for each attempt. Ovidu used this to help motivate students, by demonstrating that multiple attempts at the tests and practising the exercises would help with understanding and applying the techniques.

Ovidiu also made use of the Module Reports that are available under the Evaluation menu in the Control Panel. This enabled him to see how often his students were accessing his module and how much time they were spending in this. He used this information to correlate against the scores they were receiving in their tests and again encouraging the students to see that the more they engaged with the support material he provided, the more they could improve on their test scores.

Our new resource Blackboard Analytics builds on the existing reporting and monitoring tools that Ovidiu was already using within Blackboard in order to provide students and tutors access to an even more detailed and comprehensive reporting dashboard. While Ovidiu is looking at the interactions at a modular level, Analytics is designed to look at this across programmes and degree schemes. If you are interested in any of the work Ovidiu has been carrying out, or would like to explore further how Blackboard Analytics might help you, contact

For more information on using Tests and Surveys in Course Resources see:

For more information on using Course Reports in Course Resources see:

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