TEL Me More – October

Badge collection

Image from: Drew McLellan, shared under CC BY NC

This month Justin Steele-Davies from UDOL talked to us about his use of badges in staff inductions. Digital badges are validated online tokens that can be awarded for accomplishments, skills, and tasks. Often badges are linked with Mozilla open badges ( which enables users to collect up a range of validated badges from various organisations building an overall skills package.

Course Resources has it’s own set of badges called Achievements which can be linked to a range of activities within Blackboard for example obtaining a specific grade in a test, completing a range of tasks etc.

Justin used the achievements tool as part of their staff induction that is run through Course Resources. The staff are remote workers, and the induction aims to cover basics of using tools within Course Resources as well as taking them through higher levels of teaching and learning practices. Examples of some of the badges that could be achieved included:

  • Learning from Good Academic Practice
  • Introduction to Library Services
  • Awareness of University Regulations

The feedback from staff undertaking the induction module was very positive, and when asked which features of the module they’d like to keep the badges was one of the most popular.

To hear a recording of Justin’s presentation please go to the link below and login with your UoD login details

For more information on Mozilla open badges see

For more information see Achievements in Blackboard

5 thoughts on “TEL Me More – October

    • Hi David, the option to have this available in Course Resources is currently being reviewed by the TEL steering group.

      • Sounds good, but without the option to export to Backpack an opportunity would be lost. Turn it on and enjoy the full opportunities 🙂

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