The effective use of BoB, how it has been enhancing teaching and learning in and out the classroom.

Since the successful launch of Box of Broadcasts (BoB) at the University of Derby there has been a rapid increase in engagement this academic year.

BoB (Box of Broadcasts) is an online TV and radio recording service with a seven year BBC back catalogue! BoB enables you to choose and record any broadcast programme from 60+ TV and radio channels, in both English and foreign languages. Your recorded programmes are also added to the media archive, currently at over 1 million programmes.

The user-friendly system allows you to record and catch-up on missed programmes, schedule recordings in advance, edit programmes into clips, create playlists, embed clips into VLEs, share what you are watching with others, and search a growing archive of material. You can also grab a citation for the program from the website to add to your academic work.

Gavin Jinks, Lecturer in Social & Community Studies, said “I have found BoB to be an invaluable aid to my teaching. The range of resources available is amazing. It enables me to easily upload films and TV programmes relevant to my teaching onto Course Resources. The facility to create clips of any recording is extremely useful for lectures. Bob is easy to use and very quick, I recommend it highly.”

Because BoB is an on demand online service, programmes are available by links, which can be added to services like online reading lists. Lydia Fairfield-Read from the online reading list team comments:

“Box of Broadcast (BoB) is proving to be a fantastic resource that enhances Online Reading Lists. These contain a variety of resources including print, e-resources and links to websites, blogs and databases. We have long promoted audio visual material such as YouTube (used legally) but always advised academic staff that material on the BBC iPlayer and other on-demand services is problematic as programmes are only available for a limited time. Due to the longevity of the BoB archive, students are able to look at programmes going back nearly a decade, and on a wider variety of channels.”

As you can see from the chart, BoB usage is growing rapidly as awareness of the benefits spreads. BoB is a really simple to use website that gives you control over recording and distributing content. In fact, you can learn BoB in five minutes with this training video.

BoB Usage 2015

Using BoB for teaching

BoB provides a way to integrate media within your learning and teaching.

  • Promote active learning – Make available recently aired television or radio programmes to give your students access to the most up-do date developments in your subject area.
  • Inspire and engage learners– Provide programmes or clips for students to watch and analyse in the classroom to facilitate engagement and further questioning about key issues and topics from your discipline.
  • Implement a flipped classroom approach- Share a programme or clip for students to watch prior to a session, then discuss further online or in the classroom to enable independent or peer-assisted learning through creating collaborative learning groups.
  • Create authentic learning opportunities – Use broadcast material to set the context for a topic that is relevant to your teaching to encourage deeper learning aimed at applying this learning to real world scenarios.
  • Facilitate student-contributed content – Encourage your students to search the archive of broadcast media and share with fellow students to support and reinforce their learning.

Further information

Author: Nisha Patel, Keith Taynton

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