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4. DiaryOne of the tools discussed at the last TEL me more event was OneNote a Microsoft tool which enables you to create digital notebooks which you can then access online either via an App on your mobile device or via an internet browser. The University has this available as part of Office365 and using these login details you can then access OneNote and create notebooks which are then saved securely within your user area. OneNote can be used to collect thoughts and ideas, to-do lists, capture images of documents, whiteboards, or take clips from websites all organised within a Notebooks.

So how can this be used for learning and teaching?

The tool itself has a wide range of applications for eduction and the TEL team are only just starting to explore what its potential is for supporting learning and teaching. Some ideas from the team so far include:

For students:

  • Collaborative note taking of lectures
  • Organising group work
  • Building a portfolio
  • Collecting research notes
  • Writing a reflective journal
  • Planning an assignment

For staff:

  • Providing templates to students for them to complete for assessment (e.g. portfolio template)
  • Recording feedback of student presentations based on a pre-defined template
  • Adding hand written notes alongside types notes

If you would like to explore further how OneNote could be used for learning, teaching and assessment please contact

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