TEL me more about…Aurasma

At the last TEL me more session in January a number of people were interested in the augmented reality app Aurasma. This was featured at the TEL Christmas Market in December and people were interested in how this could potentially be used for teaching and learning. So what is Aurasma?

Aurasma creates an augmented reality where the real world is enhanced digitally. It uses a real-world element, such as a poster or image, to trigger the display of digital content e.g. video, image, 3D graphics and links to online documents or services. It combines the use of an online website and the mobile app to create and then deliver the interaction.

The below video provides you with an idea of how this might look. Although the examples within the video utilise mostly video content, Aurasma provides many options as to the types of digital content it can link to.

So how could this be used in learning and teaching?

There are many ways this technology could be used to support learning and teaching and here are just a few ideas.

  • Students augment their physical posters to trigger video or audio of them discussing its contents.
  • Triggers placed around the classroom/lecture theatre link to short videos which prompt discussion within the group. This could even link to content within the Box of Broadcast service available at the university.
  • Students use the app during induction to discover key information related to their studies hidden around campus.
  • Triggers next to specialist equipment link to a video on how this should be used for specific tasks.
  • Whilst getting students to complete a group task use a trigger to link to an online resource such as a Padlet wall for them to record their notes.

A blog post alone can not really fully explain what Aurasma is capable of and how this can potentially enhance the students experience. If you would like a demonstration of Aurasma and to discuss how you could potentially use this with your students then please contact us at or ext. 1865.

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