Appy Monday – Office Lens

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What is it?

Office Lens turns your device into a scanner. Take a photo of a document or a whiteboard and Office Lens trims and enhances it, so it looks like a scanned image.

What can it do?

  • Trims, crops and enhances the picture. In Whiteboard mode it will clean up glare and shadows.
  • It integrates with Office 365 and OneNote.
  • Convert images to PDF, Word and PowerPoint
  • Office Lens uses OCR (Optical Character Recognition) so if you capture a printed document, you can search for words and edit them.

Download it now…

Office Lens is a free download from iTunes, Google Play and the Microsoft Store

How could it be used for learning, teaching and assessment?

  • It is a quick and efficient way of converting physical resources into digital ones. Staff and students can take a photo of a handout or worksheet and share it with colleagues.
  • Students can capture an explanation or diagram on a whiteboard then use Office Lens to capture it and send it to OneNote to annotate along with their notes.
  • Capture documents for inclusion in an ePortfolio, particularly those which require signatures.
  • Export your Office Lens image to PowerPoint and the hand drawn lines are converted into objects that can be moved, resized etc. You can continue to develop the work or build a presentation around it.

Short task:

  1. Install Office Lens.
  2. Write a message on a post-it note or whiteboard.
  3. Use Office Lens to capture the document or whiteboard.
  4. Using the Export function, email the image to yourself.

Screenshots from Office Lens

Important note

Before using any mobile application or online service please check the terms and conditions to ensure you are aware of the implications of using the service. In particular, look out for items covering data security, ownership of content and public/private sharing options

Further support

If you would like further support to get an idea of how you could use Office Lens within learning and teaching, please contact the Technology Enhanced Learning team on or ext 1865.

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