Appy Monday – Skitch

Banner showing Digital Derby and Appy Monday: Exploring mobile apps for learning and teaching

What is Skitch? 

Skitch is a free annotation tool provided by the same people that created Evernote.

What can it do? 

  • Take photos
  • Take screenshots
  • Annotate/mark up photos, pdfs, images
  • Share annotated items

Download it now

Skitch is available to install on a Windows PC or for a Mac, iPad or iPhone at

How could it be used for learning, teaching and assessment?

  • Digitally capturing lecture or conference notes and diagrams and annotating them.
  • Leaving feedback on students work.
  • Capturing interesting sights on field trips and annotating key points.

More ideas can be found in this useful guide from Fractus Learning: Making Classroom Annotation Easy with Skitch

Short task: 

  • Download Skitch for Mac, iPad, iPhone.
  • Take a photo of the view from your window.
  • Annotate the photo to mark key features.
  • Share the photo with a colleague or friend.
  • You could ask them to respond and update the annotations or give feedback.

Important note

Before using any mobile application or online service please check the terms and conditions to ensure you are aware of the implications of using the service. In particular, look out for items covering data security, ownership of content and public/private sharing options.

Further support

If you would like further support to get an idea of how you could use Skitch within learning and teaching, please contact the Technology Enhanced Learning team on or ext 1865.

Useful resources

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