Digi Know: Tapping into Turnitin

Naming conventions:

Are you going to be creating multiple assignments in your module? Make the name of your assignment clear and informative, it will make it easier to identify them at a later point. Try to ensure the first 15 characters are unique, especially if using longer file names. e.g.

Assignment 1 – essay – March 2016

Assignment 2 – reflection – May 2016

Points Value:

Are you going to be giving your students a grade? Then use the Points Value in your assignment, most likely you will be marking out of 100 – as PeopleSoft will do the assignment weighting calculations for you.

Add Point Value box image

File type:

Are students likely to be uploading documents that are just pictures, or a scan or handwritten work? Select Allow any file type – it saves problems with submissions later. Any work that is text will still be scanned through the Turnitin originality checker

File type selection image

Deadline dates:

Set your dates for term time/office hours where possible. Setting a deadline for midnight encourages students to be working all hours to complete and submit the assignment.

Aiming for a lunch time/midweek submission allows time for problems to be resolved during office hours when staff are around to support them.

Try not to change

Optional extras:

Are your students submitting a draft of their essay or part of the independent study? If so, select the option for no repository. When they submit the final assignment the draft isn’t stored in the system, so won’t generate a match in the originality report.

Drop down menu image

Percentage matching:

Turnitin only matches text that exists within its databases, and will not pick up matches with all online resources. So while the percentage match can be used as a guideline, it should not be relied upon as a sole indicator of unacceptable academic practice, or plagiarism.

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