Digi Know: Student feedback can be created using Lecture recording (Panopto)

Student drop box is a simple way to enable your students to record a video using lecture recording (Panopto). This might be used for an assignment where students record presentations outside of class, with powerpoint, for a module’s formative or summative assessment.

Drop box is a special folder that you create within your Course Resources Panopto folder. By default anything recorded by a student in there is only visible to the student and the tutors on the module.

You can change the settings to allow any video recorded in a drop box to be visible to everyone enrolled on the module. This is useful for peer activities, like peer reviews.

Once you’ve created a drop box, students will be able to download the Panopto recorder onto their computer and after they have logged in they can see a list of modules that have drop boxes on them. They simply choose your module’s drop box and record their video.

Watch this short video on how students can record with Panopto to your module’s drop box.

Read the tutor’s guide on how to setup a drop box in Course Resources here.


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