Appy Monday – Feedly

Banner showing Digital Derby and Appy Monday: Exploring mobile apps for learning and teachingWhat is it?

Feedly is a tool which collects together new information posted on websites, blogs and YouTube channels. Once new information is posted to one of these sites then it will appear in your feed. It could be considered a similar tool to an RSS aggregator.

The New Feedly Mobile from Feedly on Vimeo.

What can it do?

Feedly can collect and present information in a clean, minimalist format, where you can organise this content into collections, identify articles for you to read later and share what you have discovered with social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest. Please note you can only share collections if you upgrade to a pro account, although you can share individual articles.

Download it now…

From the Apple store

From Google Play

How could it be used for learning, teaching and assessment?

  • Encourage students to set up their own collection of useful websites, blogs and other web-based sources of information.
  • Students can then view and read this information via the mobile app wherever they are.
  • Share relevant articles on social media channels for the course like a Twitter feed and encourage students to do the same using a shared hashtag.
  • Collect articles together in a note taking tool like Evernote or OneNote for you to read and add to later.

Short task:

  • Download the Feedly app
  • Login or create a Feedly account
  • Add content from a website by copying and pasting in a website address e.g.
  • Read a relevant article on the website and then share this via email or on Twitter.
  • Take a look at the app later in the day to see what new articles have appeared.

Important note

Before using any mobile application or online service please check the terms and conditions to ensure you are aware of the implications of using the service. In particular, look out for items covering data security, ownership of content and public/private sharing options.

Further support

If you would like further support to get an idea of how you could use Feedly within learning and teaching, please contact the Technology Enhanced Learning team on or ext 1865.

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