TEL Me More – April 2016

April’s TEL Me More had a couple of interesting sessions looking at simple website creation and producing instructional lab videos.

Firstly we had Kevin Silber from Psychology talking through the last assignment his final year student’s would complete.  The students are asked to produce a website to communicate information about a neuropsychological disorder, with the key focus being on targeting the information at a specific audience, which could be relatives of the sufferer, an A-Level Student, and Expert in the field, a carer etc. In the past Kevin had asked his students to create the website using a wiki tool that is no longer available, and felt it would be good to give the students the opportunity to create a website instead. The system he used is called wix but there are other free website spaces available as well. The students have to take into account their use of language, the types of references they refer to and the usability of their site.

Kevin gives the students an introduction to Wix to his students, making them familiar with the site and it’s capabilities, he provides example websites for the students to refer to and he’s also building his own resources that will support the students within the Wix environment. Although Kevin has only been using Wix this semester, he’s been running this assignment style for a while and the students have enjoyed it, and writing in a non-academic context is a practical, useful skill the students can take away at the end of their degree.

Sam Drake from Forensics has created a batch of videos for students on how to use the equipment and carry out specific experiments within the labs. These videos could be accessed prior to the lab session, or during the lab session on machines set up in the dry area of the lab. The videos meant that students were able to support and help themselves if they had basic questions about the experiments leaving the staff to assist in more complex queries.

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