What’s Hot on BoB – New feature blog

What’s Hot on BoB, published on Fridays, brings you a TV or radio show available on BoB to give you an idea of what’s available and how using BoB can enhance your students’ experience.

Box of Broadcasts (BoB) provides over 60 channels of TV and radio from the UK and around the world. Instead of recording TV you want to use in your module from the TV, or linking to iPlayer, BoB allows you to search and find TV and radio stretching back to 2007, record the program and embed the whole thing, or just short clips, directly into Course Resources.

Read The effective use of BoB, how it has been enhancing teaching and learning in and out the classroom for more on how we’re using BoB at Derby University. See our BoB webpage for more information and contacts to help you get started with BoB.

Using BoB is easy. Find out how to find, record and embed a TV or radio show into Course Resources in five minutes.



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