Digi know: OneNote for Educators


Microsoft OneNote is a freely available tool (https://www.onenote.com/download) which allows you to take, structure and collaborate on digital notes. These can be screen clippings, drawings, photographs, typed/handwritten notes and audio/video clips.


OneNote on a desktop machine

It is available for use at the institution from your work computer and is also available for download on your personal devices, this includes tablets and smartphones.

One way to think about OneNote in relation to the physical world is a scrapbook, or ring binder. For example, previously you might have kept a physical folder for session notes, tutorials etc… OneNote can be an effective digital replacement for this.


Physical folder of teaching material

OneNote can also be an excellent planning tool, allowing you to collate lots of materials which can then be organised into something which begins to make sense regarding a course or a given lesson.


Digital folder of teaching material

OneNote has an extensive set of features which can be explored in detail via the following webpages. For more guidance please contact the Learning Technology Team on tel@derby.ac.uk.


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