Appy Monday – Nearpod

Banner showing Digital Derby and Appy Monday: Exploring mobile apps for learning and teachingWhat is Nearpod?

Nearpod is an online tool that adds interactions and quizzes to your PowerPoint presentations. You can take your existing PowerPoint slides and import them in to Nearpod as a starting point, or you can create the whole presentation using Nearpod. When you present your slides a code is given, students then enter this code into the app on their mobile device or a web page on their laptop and they can interact with the live presentation.

What can it do?

  • Add quizzes and poles to your live PowerPoint presentations
  • Displays the results of quizzes and poles to the class
  • Give students the ability to draw on you Slides from their desks
  • Adds games to your presentations
  • Adds live web content to your presentation
  • Buy others people’s shared presentation and share your own presentations.

Download it now

You can access it on the web

Your students can access it on the web or via the mobile app on iPad, Android.

How could it be used for learning, teaching and assessment?

  • Add a quiz to your presentation to understand the level of knowledge in the classroom.
  • Add a poll to your presentation to gage student preference.
  • Add a “Draw it” to your presentation to present student input to the class.
  • Use the quiz again to gauge knowledge gained during a session.
  • Add a video slide before a break so students can watch it while they drink their coffee.

Short task:

  • Create an account for Nearpod or use your Google or Office 365 account to login.
  • Import your PowerPoint slides (Animation and slide transitions will be lost)
  • Add a quiz or a pole to your presentation
  • Publish your presentation and start a live session on your PC to get a code
  • Download the app for your mobile device and join the session with the code
  • Run your session from the PC and interact with it from you mobile device
  • When you are confident with how to use it try it with your students

Important note

Before using any mobile application or online service please check the terms and conditions to ensure you are aware of the implications of using the service. In particular, look out for items covering data security, ownership of content and public/private sharing options.

Further support

If you would like further support to get an idea of how you could use Nearpod within learning and teaching, please contact the Technology Enhanced Learning team on or ext 1865.

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