Exam tips for your students

It’s coming into exam season for our students so why not give them some help and advice on dealing with the stress that comes with exams. Within the Media Gallery in Course Resources, Learning Enhancement have created three really useful videos you can access and share with your students to assist them with their revision and exam prep.

The first shows them how to revise effectively: Exam tips – Revision

The second is how to cope with the nerves that come with the exams: Exam tips – Coping with nerves  

Finally, tips on how they can perform well in the exam situation: Exam tips – Performance 

All academic staff are able to find these videos in the shared repository section on Media Gallery and share them with their students to help and advise them when dealing with revision.

Within Media Gallery you can organise your media content for each of your modules as well as being able to search and use media from the shared repository. The sharing option enables you to share within a whole module, to a group of students or to an individual student.  

This idea of sharing content that the University has created is an easy and great way of interacting with media within your modules.

See the help video on how to add videos to your module, and our Media Gallery webpage with more docs and information.

We also have videos on the shared repository that will help students prepare for  future employment.

Interview tips for current students and graduates

What is employability?


Feel free to share any of these videos with your students, and try searching the wide selection of  course materials within the Shared Repository  for other videos you may wish to use within your modules.

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