Digi Know: Adding images in Course Resources

Adding images to the pages in your Course Resources module can make it more appealing, can be used to illustrate or explain a complex point or can help theme your content. Whatever your reasons for wanting to add images, it’s easy to do!

Selecting an image

Finding the right image can be difficult, and you need to ensure you have permission to use that image – even if you’re adding it to a password-protected page such as Course Resources. The library offers some helpful advice on finding and citing images.

Resizing the image

Often images we retrieve from the internet can be quite large, and Course Resources doesn’t automatically resize them. This short guide from Microsoft shows how to resize them using Paint (which should be available on all Windows computers).

Adding the image

When adding a content item in Course Resources, select the Insert/Edit image button in the content editor.

Image to show how to add images to Course Resources

A new browser window will open, select Browse My Computer to locate the file, then enter an image title and description.

screenshot to show the screen for uploading images in course resources

Accessibility – ALT text

The description is for the benefit of visually impaired users who rely on assistive technology such as screen readers. Therefore an accurate description of the image that will provide an equivelent experience for visually impaired readers is needed.

If the image is purely decorate, then a description is not needed. For examples of when to use alternative text see the RNIB Accessibility guidelines for alt text.

2 thoughts on “Digi Know: Adding images in Course Resources

  1. A tip on the optimum size and resolution for banners would be useful. I spend hours trying to get the right size which will fit the width of the window and will look the same on all platforms.


  2. Hi MH,

    We advise an optimum banner resolution of 20cm width x 4cm height to accommodate browser windows and monitors of varying sizes and resolutions. Blackboard recommends a banner size of approximately 480 x 80 pixels. We also advise using a PowerPoint slide to easily alter an image size. PowerPoint has a functionality in the Design tab to change slide size, including set sizes and an option to customize. A PowerPoint slide saved as a JPEG file can be easily uploaded to a module.

    Hope this helps!


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