Digi Know: Structuring your content using Blackboard Learning Elements

Blackboard Learning Elements provide a neat way of presenting content in Course Resources in a way that is easy for students to navigate. Content items are presented as pages such that students can go directly to a particular page they want and they can also use the arrows to move from one page to the next. Sequential viewing can be enforced if necessary from the options e.g. if students have to complete a particular activity before they move on to the next resource.

Learning Elements
Fig 1. 2 Learning Elements

Fig 2. Table of Contents of the Learning Element with page 1 displayed showing an Item

LE img
Fig 3. Page 4 of the Learning Element showing an Image

Creating Learning Elements can easily be done in Course Resources (Blackboard) via Build Content and selecting Learning Element.

Fig 4. How to create a Learning Element in Course Resources (Blackboard)

Once the Learning Element has been created, click on it and add the different learning resources directly into it, e.g. items, files, images, videos, etc.

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