TEL Me More – June 2016

June’s TEL Me More event was a fairly informal session with the Learning Technology Advisors talking through some of the technologies they’d worked with over the last year and sharing ideas with the attendees.

Some of the things looked at included Augmented Reality (Aurasma), which had formed part of a student assignment over the last semester.  Student’s had been asked to create posters with accompanying videos that could be accessed through the images on the poster that were the Aurasma triggers.

The TEL team have recently purchased a Swivl robot for testing, which is a small device that a tablet/mobile device can be placed in, and then linked with a microphone that a speaker/lecturer will wear. The tablet/mobile device can be set to record, and as the speaker moves around with the microphone, the small robot turns to face them, meaning they can walk and present and still be captured on video.

Using a mobile virtual reality headset, the team showed the attendees a 360° video and discussed how this technology could be used in psychology to place students within simulated scenarios and the ethical implications which this raises.

One thought on “TEL Me More – June 2016

  1. I used one of the first Swivl’s with Panopto to support engineering lectures. It worked quite well but the iPhone connector changed making it fairly useless. Depending on what you are filming, having a secondary source video of the board can help as well. A bonus is the Audio coming from a lanyard mic instead of a boundry mic.

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