Digi Know: Using Adaptive Release on Test results to restrict access to material based on results

Did you know that you can release content on Blackboard dependent on matching criteria. For example, you may wish to only allow access to next weeks PowerPoint to students who have reached a certain percentage in a weekly test or give extra feedback to those students struggling with a particular subject.


Create and setup tests/assignments and upload material as normal.

blog - image 1

On the link for the material (PowerPoint / PDF/ etc or Folder ) select the grey arrow next to the title -a drop-down menu will appear.

blog - image 2

Select Adaptive Release from the drop-down menu.

blog - image 3

Scroll down the page until you see the GRADE section.

blog - image 4

Where it says “Select a Grade Centre column” select the test/assessment name in the corresponding drop down box.

blog - image 5

Where it says “Select Condition” select a criteria that when matched will reveal the content to the student. When ready click on submit.

You will now see Enabled: Adaptive Release under the title

blog - image 6

You can add multiple criteria via selecting “Adaptive Release: Advanced” from the drop-down menu. For information on how to do this contact TEL on x1865

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