Research Article on Virtual Reality and Occupational Therapy Published

Back in 2015 I presented a paper on a virtual reality (VR) project I have been working on with Occupational Therapy since 2009. The paper entitled “Using Unity to Create Teaching Tools, for Teaching Academically and Clinically within Occupational Therapy” and co-written with Karen Newberry (Occupational Therapy lecturer at Derby) and Kate Threapleton (Researcher at Nottingham University) was presented at the iTag conference hosted by Nottingham Trent University and held in the council house in Nottingham.

That paper has now been published in the Journal of Assistive Technologies under the title “Evaluating Unity created teaching simulations within occupational therapy”. The article can be accessed here The article is about the development of the VR software and the research done on the reaction of students to using the software. It is mainly about students’ preference for which version of the exercise they prefer but also covers issues such as motion sickness and using VR for academic assessment.

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