Using iPhones with athletic video analysis software

Video analysis of movement in sports helps practitioners to study and improve their performance. Sports students at Derby University use Quintic video analysis software to record activity and analyse their movement.

The system required the use of an expensive specialist video camera hooked up to the computer in order to capture the video.


The specialist infrared camera


The iPhone which replaces the camera

The department only has two cameras for this which meant that only limited activity could be captured per session. Recently Quintic released a new version which accepts video from iPhones.


The iPhone in action

This means that staff and students are no longer constrained by available equipment resources and can use their own phones to capture and analyse their activity. Students are now able to capture their activity in or out of class time, and inside or outside the gym, and use the software to do analysis.

Aislin O’Kelly , master’s student in Sport and Exercise, said “I would say that not only does the use of iPhones make the set up process far less time consuming, it also makes Quintic more accessible for everyone – particularly those that may not be as familiar with using it. Seeing as most people own an iPhone, it really is a case of plug-in and go.”



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