Digi Know: You can make your old Flash animation fit for the future

Flash animation and interaction were used heavily in educational during the 00’s but with the proliferation of mobile devices and modern browsers dropping support for flash due to security flaws, Flash .swf files are becoming obsolete.

If you have old Flash .swf files and you want to continue using them, you can by converting them to videos. Unfortunately Flash interaction will lose their interactivity, However if appropriate you can demonstrate interaction by clicking on the interaction during the recording and also you can add a voice over to explain what is happening and what you are doing. Doing this will once again make you interaction available on all modern browsers and for the first time viewable on mobile devices.

There are a number of option for recording your Flash interactions.

Camtasia, Panopto and Kalture CaptureSpaceLite are all supported by the University.

Camtasia is available to use in the Video Booth in B114 and can be booked by emailing tel@derby.ac.uk or calling 01332 591249. Camtasia will capture the flash window, any interaction audio from your Flash .SWF file and a voice over, but you will need to upload the output video file to the internet for students to access it. Camtasia also provides a comprehensive set of video editing tools.

Panopto can be used. This is available in all teaching spaces and can be downloaded onto work and home PCs. Panopto automatically upload your video so you can access it through blackboard and it will record the interaction audio and a voice over. However Panopto will only record the whole screen so if your interaction is small it will look lost in the middle of the screen. Panopto does have basic editing tools. For instruction on how to use Panopto go to http://www.derby.ac.uk/about/learning-enhancement/learning-teaching/technology-media/lecture-recording/ or the Panopto module on blackboard https://courseresources.derby.ac.uk/webapps/blackboard/content/listContentEditable.jsp?content_id=_1850222_1&course_id=_47260_1

CaptureSpaceLite is available to down load through Blackboard media gallery onto any PC. Kalture CaptureSpaceLite will capture the flash video window and a voice over but not any audio from your Flash interaction. Once you have edited it with the basic editing tools it will upload your video straight to your My Media folder in blackboard . For instruction on how to use CaptureSpaceLite Click CaptureCpace lite install record and share on courseresources.pfd.

N.B. Always make sure you have copyright clearance to reuse the flash content before you make the video.

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