Digi Know: Engaging students in the classroom


It can be difficult for students to stay engaged in a lecture especially if it is long or towards the end of the day. One of the easy ways you can break the session is by getting the students to participate using quiz tools. You can pop questions of different types like Multiple Choice, True/False or even Text Response.

Here are some of the tools:

Students are given the TurningPoint handsets to use for the selection of their answers during the class quiz. Handsets can be borrowed from the library. Book well in advance of your session to ensure they will be available on the day.

Students use their own mobile devices to select the answers. The tool can be freely used from the internet. Tutor needs to create an account so that they can create the quiz questions. Socrative can bring competitiveness to the lecture making learning fun for students.

Like Socrative, students use their own mobile devices to select their answers and the tutor needs to create an account. PollEverywhere has an additional question type that allows students to click on an area on a given image. The tutor is able to see the different areas students were clicking on.

Also have a look at our Help Guides and the Ideas Factory for other ideas. For help with any of these tools, contact tel@derby.ac.uk. If you are using or have used any other quiz tool you found useful, could you please let us know by commenting on this post.

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