Using Blackboard Tests to record student performance in the field (Replacing a paper based review/assessment form)

Are you still using paper based forms to record a student’s performance?  Are you still standing next to the student recording for example their conduct and competence when collecting evidence at a crime scene or using a microscope in a laboratory? Perhaps you assess student presentations against certain criteria stated on a tick box form?


© 2016 Mark Anderson

And then? You drop them in a puddle in the car park?. They get lost in the mire that is your office?. Your young child draws all over them because they thing its scrap paper?. Etc etc etc.

I got asked if there was a way of doing all this online and within the VLE and it got me thinking. Whilst there are commercial systems that we could use and can offer more than the solution discussed below, I realised that actually Blackboard Tests and the Student Preview mode and a bit of cleverness can answer the question raised.

Build an online version of the form as a test. TEL can assist if you need our assistance.

Create a folder in Assessments and set it so students cannot see it. Inside this folder deploy the “Test” that has just been created.

Now create your student preview user account by pressing the student preview button. When this has been created you will see that you can’t see the folder. Leave the student preview and state that you DO NOT want to delete the account. This will create an account that will allow you to use the “test” and record attempts. Your normal tutor account will not store attempts.

Now, relocate the recently created folder and set up adaptive release to your student preview account. When this is done, amend the settings on the folder so that it will be visible to students. As there is an adaptive release already on the folder, it will only be available to your student preview account.

Set up the “test” so that it is multiple attempts and “all at once”.

Now return to the student preview and select the “test”. Complete it and save and submit

Exit Student preview mode. Go to the Grade Center and look for your preview user account. It will look something like xxxx_previewuser.

You will notice that this is the same as when you are doing a normal blackboard test. You can now get access to these forms in the same way you would for student tests. Contact TEL on 1865 for further assistance with this

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