Digi Know: Fonts and what they can do!

Choosing the right font when you are writing an email or creating a document can have an impressive effect on how the reader reacts or forms opinion to what they have just read.

Fonts can be divided into roughly five categories: Serif, Sans-serif, Slab serif, Script and Modern.


Associations: authority, tradition, respect, and grandeur

Top 5: Times New Roman, Bodini, Georgia, Garamond and Baskerville.

When to use: In the body text of an editorial, or when you want to give your research paper that extra assurance of success.


Associations: clean, modern, objective, stable, and universal

Top 5: Helvetica, Verdana, Arial, Century Gothic, and Calibri

When to use: as your corporate presentation header text, for extremely small body text (sans-serif fonts are more legible from far away), when you want to emphasise a single word, and as the body text on your website (sans-serif fonts are more legible than serif fonts when read on a computer screen).


Associations: Bold, Strong, Modern, Solid, and Funky

Top 5: Rockwell, Courier, Museo, Clarendon and Bevan

When to use: on your next advert, when printing on poor quality paper (slab serif fonts are known to be most legible in cases of poor quality printing), and when you want to attract attention in general


Associations: feminine, elegant, friendly, intriguing, creative

Top 5: Lobster, Zapfino, Pacifico, Lucida and Brush Script

When to use: on greeting cards, on the place cards for guest tables at your wedding, and as the font for your creative company’s logo.


Associations: exclusivity, fashionable, stylish, sharp, intelligent

Top 5: Inifinity, Eurostyle, Majoram, Matchbook, Politica

When to use: on your hipster photography blog header, for modern fashionable company logos, and when you want to attract the attention of Millennials.

For more information please read: http://contentgroup.com.au/psychology-typography/



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