Handy PowerPoint Tips

PowerPoint does not have to be boring

1. Shift + F5 —- Start slideshow from the slide you have currently selected shift f5

2. Slide Jump — In slideshow mode, type the number of a slide you want to go to and press Enter


3. Hide slides — you can hide a slide in slideshow settings by selecting it and clicking hide slide. It will be skipped in presentation mode. When needed, just do the slide jump as described in tip 2 above.


4. You can also hide / blank slides — during the presentation by pressing b for a black  screen or w for a white screen. To go back to the slide, just press again either b or w

5. Cropping — you can crop an image in a slide and keep just the bit you want to show your audience.

6. Arrange & Align — highlight all the objects including text scattered on your slide then choose Arrange, then Align and select the alignment required e.g. center, left, right etc.

7. Compress graphics — before you share your slides e.g. sending by email, compress images in your slides by selecting the image and from the Format tab, choose Compress Pictures.


8. Embed a web page in a slide — From the Insert tab, click on Store and search for web viewer and click Add. Type in the website you want to embed in your website. Preview it to make sure it opens ok.


9. Hyperlink — Write some text on your slide, highlight it and from the Insert tab, click on Hyperlink and choose to link to a section in your presentation, to a document or to a web page. Images can also be used as hyperlinks instead of text.


Courtesy of MeeToo

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