Turnitin rendering problem with some submissions containing embedded graphs and charts

There is currently a rendering issue within Turnitin, which may result in certain embedded elements of submissions being incorrectly rendered in the Turnitin online viewer.  This issue may affect submissions where tables / graphs / images have been embedded / inserted / pasted into a Word document or Open Office document, which has then been submitted to Turnitin in the format it was created in (for instance .docx for Word documents).  We do not believe this issue to be widespread, or that it affects a large number of submissions.

This issue does not occur where the document was saved and submitted as a PDF file rather than in the original file format of the authoring software, or where the document does not contain tables / graphs.  The issue also does not affect the underlying file itself (which remains untouched and can be downloaded as a reference). If you are marking student work and you suspect that the formatting doesn’t look as it should, or there is a graph/table missing, download the original file and view it before awarding a final grade.

If you are using Turnitin in your module, and the submitted work is likely to contain graphs and/or charts, please make students aware that they are advised to save and submit their work in PDF format in order to minimise the chances of this rendering issue occurring.

For some versions of word simply exporting as PDF may not fully resolve the issue. If this is the case, another solution is to convert the Word document into a PDF using Adobe Acrobat.

Thanks to The University of Southampton for providing the bulk of this item.

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