Digi Know: Office 365 has a new application: Yammer


Social media and networking is a big priority in most people’s lives in modern society. This is clear to see with everyone being logged in online, posting tweets, sharing photos and generally being connected all the time. It has never been easier to get in touch with someone.

This is why the University of Derby’s Office 365 Suites new application is excellent for students and lecturers to stay in touch and connected. This app is called Yammer and is a private, social and collaborative network. It makes it easier for students to work together in teams and to stay up to date on what others are working on. Think of Yammer as Facebook but for university related work.

Yammer has an easy to use interface with lots of different functionality to make the learning experience, while you are at the University of Derby, a pleasant and fulfilling one.  Functionality includes: instant messaging (making it easy to keep in touch with friends, colleagues and lecturers), group creation (you can either make private or public groups which can be used as a closed group if working on projects or an open group for things such as deadline notifications etc.), notification box (these notifications, when enabled, will also pop up in the bottom of your screen so you never miss out on important information again), and lots of other useful functionality that is designed to make the learning process quicker and easier.

Hopefully both students and lectures alike will make good use of this software and as a result create high quality work quicker and easier whilst also having the freedom to be innovative and have fun at the same time.

You can access Yammer via the University Of Derby’s UDO page. Have fun and stay connected!