The thing about ePortfolios is …

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ePortfolios come in all shapes and sizes, can be used for a multitude of purposes, provide users with opportunities to aggregate any social media they may be using and above all be constructed using a range of different technologies. These were some of the recurrent messages voiced by delegates and presenters at the 9th ePIC International ePortfolio & Identity Conference (, held in London on 11, 12 and 13 July. In attendance were educational practitioners, technologists and students from a wide range of backgrounds and countries. Among them were UoD tutors Judie Taylor and Rose Schofield, Judie’s student, Shevani Raichura, and me, Charlie Davis. We were in attendance to present a paper, ‘Safe Enough to Dare: developing student and tutor digital identities through engagement with e-Portfolios’, focusing on Judie and Rose’s recent experiences integrating ePortfolios into their respective courses. Shevani, who stole the show when recounting her experiences, not only participated in our presentation, but also took part in the opening keynote. This was alongside two other students, from Spain and the USA respectively, as well as ePortfolio luminaries such as Geoff Rebbeck (

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