Digi Know: Changes to the Turnitin App

Turnitin App LogoDigi Know: Changes to the Turnitin App

Turnitin have rebranded their App, it is now called Turnitin Feedback Studio. You will need to make a a few changes to your app, before you can sync it with current assignment submissions in Course Resources.

To do this:

  • On an iPad go to Settings.
  • Then scroll down and choose “Turnitin” (appears on the left at the bottom of the list).
  • Then choose “Service” (on the right).
  • Then tick the “Feedback Studio UK” option.
  • You should now be able to enter the code from Course Resources.

For further advice and guidance please contact the Technology Enhanced Learning team via tel@derby.ac.uk

eSubmission and Tablet Devices (Part1)

You may be aware that the University of Derby is planning electronic submission in a phased roll out from this September. As part of the project there will be a print to mark option for the first year (so tutors can print electronically submitted work and then mark on paper). It is expected that during the first year tutors will at least try a form of electronic marking.

The range and sheer quantity of technology for electronic marking is staggering. It is therefore part of the Learning Technology Team’s role in the project to lead in the pilots of different types of electronic marking. Ultimately we want to work with the academic community to fully evaluate these technologies in the “real world”, but in the first instance, we need to weed out the least useful technologies, so currently members of the learning technology team are trying out some new type tablet devices.

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