It’s Digital Learning Week

It’s Digital Learning Week! As well as launching our TEL Strategy (2017-2021),  Digital Learning Week,  will feature workshops which we are designed specifically to support the development of digital practice and digital capabilities.

Highlights include a Digital Practice workshop on Wednesday 26th April, led by e-learning researcher, author and consultant Helen Beetham, along with workshops on topics including:

  • Course Resources basics
  • Using technology to support inclusive teaching practice
  • Audio and video feedback
  • Sourcing legal digital content
  • Working wonders with WordPress
  • ePortfolios
  • Changing the way you work with Office 365
  • Setting engaging video creation projects
  • How lecture recording can enhance the student experience

You can see a full list of workshops and book your place here –

TEL Strategy Launch

‘Learning in uncertain times: why digital matters’.

TEL Strategy Launch with Keynote Speaker: Helen Beetham

Heap Lecture Theatre, KR
Wednesday 26 April 2017

The digital experience of staff and students is central to delivering academic excellence, student employability and a high quality student experience.  As part of Digital Learning Week, this event will launch the University of Derby’s TEL Strategy (2017-2021) to transform the digital learning experience for all our students.

TEL Strategy aims:

  • Support staff and students to develop their digital capabilities
  • Provide greater active learning engagement and flexibility through enhanced digital learning environments
  • Enhance teaching excellence by introducing baselines to benchmark digital practice
  • Develop the digital environment using a research informed approach and the use of data analytics

Keynote speaker Helen Beetham is an e-learning researcher, author and consultant. She has written influential reports on digital capability, digital citizenship and digital wellbeing, learning experience, and curriculum design. Recently she has completed studies of the online student experience and developed the Jisc Digital Capability Framework with associated resources for practice. In her keynote, Helen will highlight the challenges and uncertainties facing universities in the digital age. She will outline the role that universities can play in preparing students for the digital future, explore the kinds of learning experience that develop digital resilience, and examine the relationship between digital innovation and teaching excellence.

Find out more and book your place here.

Threshold Standards Staff Development

Threshold Standards Screen GrabThis week the Learning Technology team started to roll out a staff development programme to support tutors through the process of making sure they are meeting the university’s recently introduced threshold standards. From September 2011 these standards aim to ensure a degree of uniformity of student experience across modules, based on existing good practice of student usability.

To make sure that you, as tutors, are fully supported, we have a variety of staff development resources on offer, all of which can be accessed by visiting For the first time ever, the Learning Technology team are also introducing virtual support through Wimba Classroom, ensuring that even if you aren’t available to meet us face-to-face we can take you through the finer points of the threshold standards remotely.

We recognise that many of you will already be meeting and exceeding the threshold standards and because of this we would like to reiterate that we are very much continuing  to encourage and support additional module development and further adoption of Technology Enhanced Learning. To formalise this support we are introducing four new strands of“continuing improvement”. These strands are:

  • Improving student induction
  • Improving active learning
  • Improving learning content
  • Improving assessment and feedback

If you feel that you are comfortable with the threshold standards then we would very much like to engage with you around these four broad strands of continuing improvement. As such, we are in the process of setting up staff development sessions and other additional support resources which will guide you through these strands on your own terms.

As ever, if you have any questions about these standards or strands of improvement (or anything TEL related for that matter!) then pop down to B111 and talk to us directly and we’ll happily provide bespoke staff development sessions for you and/or your team.